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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Chiropractic Lifestyle Family Practice reviews below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.
Yours In Health,
Dr. Brian A. Pokorski

Back Pain and General Health
“Josh and I have thought about you a great deal since our move to Owego from Buffalo.  We have not been able to find a chiropractor that has been able to compare to the help you were able to provide.  If we had the money, I think we would drive the 3 hours to Buffalo every week just for your adjustment.  Josh’s back has returned to pain and my medical conditions have worsened since leaving your care – the same conditions that were going away when I was seeing you.  We just wanted to write to give you the compliment that you are excellent at what you do and we will return if we are ever able.”
Joshua and Jennifer – Owego, NY

Purification Program

“Initially, Dr. Brian Pokorski recommended that I begin the Purification Program due to unhealthy eating habits from my past, but once symptoms associated with ADHD began to spiral beyond my control, I finally decided to give the program a try.  It was not easy, I assure you, but in the end the benefits overwhelmed the difficulties.  My thoughts now form faster and clearer, I’m more motivated and concentrated in tasks I undergo and my overall confidence has shone through more than it has in years.  I honestly thank Dr. Brian for pushing me through it.  If you feel that there’s a disturbance in your mental or physical health and Dr. Brian recommends that this program will assist in improvements, I would highly recommend that you give it a try.  Your body will thank you for it and in the end you’ll be thanking yourself.”  

Christina – Buffalo, NY

“I wanted to write this testimonial for two reasons, first, as my Thank You, for how much you have helped my husband, Dan, and second, as my letter of reference because he is proof that your procedures really work! It took three months to correct TEN YEARS of damage. It has helped Dan so much; I think that he thanked me a hundred times for taking the initiative to send him to see Dr. Brian. It also helped me. I love Dan so much and it broke my heart to see the pain in his eyes every day when he woke up. So let this be proof that sometimes we have health problems that just take the right person to fix.”
Heather, Lancaster – NY

Back and Foot Pain
“The reason I started care with Dr. Brian was the pain in my lower back, upper back, and left foot. Other doctors helped a little bit. They would mostly give me painkillers. I was unable to work as I did before and couldn’t go to the shopping mall (which I love!). The first time I met Dr. Brian he was very pleasant and put me at ease. At that time I was still a “Doubting Thomas.” After he did the exam on me and explained what was wrong he said he could help me, and he sure did! The pain from my shingles is almost gone, my foot no longer drags or hurts (Thank God!). And best of all my lower back is pain free! I’m back at the mall shopping. He was able to all this and without medication. Take a chance with Dr. Brian…you have nothing to lose but the pain!
Jewel, Lancaster – NY

Back Pain and Flexibility
“When I started with Dr. Brian I had already been feeling moderate to severe back pain for close to two years. I wanted to try a different approach for my back pain. I had tried physical therapy and stretching but when that didn’t work my medical doctor said I would have to live with it. Dr. Brian told me that it would take some time but he could definitely help me. Treatment started with gently stretching and rotating my lower back. This is not what I had expected at all – I had images of being twisted into a pretzel! That was not the case at all…I have known people who have gone for a “quick fix” only to have their problem resurface shortly thereafter. Now my back pain is completely gone and I am on my last round of treatments. I have more flexibility and energy than I’ve had in years! Dr. Brian has shown true compassion and concern during my care and I thank him wholeheartedly for my steady progress and for his guidance.”
Pat, Elma – NY

Overall Wellness
“…I feel different, in a good way, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel lighter. I know it was some kind of turning point for me, and I wanted you to know that, and to thank you. You are a gifted healer and I am grateful that you are in my life.”
Carolyn – Cheektowaga, NY

“I received excellent care. My first visit was very interesting as I was able to see how much strain my nervous system was under. I decided to see Dr. Brian at his office three times a week. My back started to feel better. I also noticed that my mood was lighter. I was not as easily irritated. My flexibility increased and the pain eventually decreased to almost zero. I continue care to maintain good health and to get rid of any discomfort.”
Elisabeth – Buffalo, NY

Quality of Life
“…I am writing a letter to you to describe the changes I experienced while undergoing adjustments and care from you. After the first few treatments I began noticing changes. One remarkable thing that really struck me was the fact that I no longer woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Also, since I started coming there I have lost 16 pounds. I eat more healthy items, more fruits and vegetables, and my diet as a whole is better balanced. I used to have constant neck soreness and lower back pain, which amazingly has been non-existent since I have been coming there. I can concentrate better on things and my attention span has greatly increased. We also worked on my flexibility. I can now touch my toes, something that I have never been able to do. I feel much stronger in general, and my endurance has greatly increased while running or exercising. Another important change I noticed was that I have not had any menstrual cramps or moodiness since beginning treatment. I used to get frequent headaches, but now a headache is rare for me. In general I feel healthier, and definitely more self confident. I can relax much more easily and the usual stresses of daily life just don’t seem to bother me as much. Even my Mom noticed that I have changed in that respect. All in all, I feel that chiropractic has greatly improved my quality of life. Not only did it make the back and neck pains subside, it made me more able to handle life and its many factors, something I never thought was possible for me.”
Stacy – Amherst, NY

Numbness and Tingling
“Before I started care with Dr. Brian, I just about tried everything from massage therapy to doctoring for the numbness and tingling on the left side of my body. My thoughts were that these were stress induced symptoms. During my first visit, Dr. Brian did scans of my back. Dr. Brian felt that these symptoms possibly stemmed from an uneven sway along my spinal column. At my initial exam I was surprised that it pictorially pointed out the areas of stress and discomfort that I was always feeling. I began care and started to notice a difference in my body. My body is definitely much more relaxed and I am noticeably less tense now. My back does not have pain at all. The numbness and tingling is also less and my leg pain is almost nonexistent at this time. Dr. Brian and chiropractic has definitely had a positive impact on my life.”
Rosalind – Williamsville, NY

Thank You Dr. Pokorski
“Being residents of Amherst for some 25 years it is a pleasure to welcome a new young professional doctor into our neighborhood. He is a welcome blessing to know in our Amherst, Williamsville area, our community. You will find Dr. Brian Pokorski highly intelligent and accommodating to your needs. The guidance he’s given in my well-being and treatments are unbelievable. It is with the greatest of pleasure to know that he is in our neighborhood. I thank him with all my heart and we thank him. I am just one of his many new patients. Thank you, Dr. Pokorski.”
Isabel – Williamsville, NY

Alleviate Symptoms Naturally
“Dr. Brian has helped me to understand the why’s and causes of various aspects of my overall health. I have learned that not every condition (in fact probably most!) needed to be treated, or band-aided, with medication. But that a natural program can alleviate even those symptoms that I had become so accustomed to I didn’t even realize they caused me problems (including my back pain).
Candace – Williamsville, NY

Degenerated and Herniated Discs
“After suffering for years with bulging discs, herniated discs, and degeneration of my discs which had me in excruciating pain with stiffness and lack of movement, I didn’t think there was anything that could help me relieve the pain. I couldn’t bend over, turn to my side or even turn from my back to my side in bed without screaming in pain. I tried physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and even medication. Nothing gave me relief. Halfway into the treatments, I noticed I was able to do things I couldn’t do before. I have just finished my treatments and have very little pain if any! If it hadn’t been for the ad in the paper, I would still be suffering today. Dr. Brian is really a miracle worker. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from back pain. This really works.”
Pat – Varysburg, NY

Disc Protrusions
“I went to see Dr. Pokorski with disc protrusions and herniation. My family doctor said I needed surgery and I didn’t want surgery….Before the treatments, I was unable to do anything such as walking, because of loss of feeling in my legs. The treatments were very relaxing, gentle and painless. After the treatments, I walked a half hour on a treadmill at the YMCA and I didn’t lose any feeling in my legs or feet. I can’t say enough about the DRX9000 or Dr. Brian. They saved my life and I can now do everyday things we take for granted, like walking. I highly recommend Dr. Pokorski and the DRX9000.”
Sam – Lancaster, NY

“I suffered almost 10 years with back pain that radiated into my buttocks, thigh, calf and foot caused by degenerative discs in my spine. I had difficulty walking, standing and even sitting comfortably at times. I tried physical therapy, exercises, shots in my spine and many pain medications. I was skeptical at first. It sounded too good to be true…. the treatments were pain free…. After about three treatments, I noticed the pain lessening, and now I am able to walk, stand, sit and go through the day pain free….. It’s definitely working for me!”
Joan – Williamsville, NY

Great Experience
“Thank you very much! Thank you for a pleasant experience with the DRX9000. You have a great balance of professionalism and laughter in your office. I’m now on the road to recovery! Thanks again to everyone! The care was awesome!”
Sally – Amherst, NY

Feels like a Million Bucks!
“For over seven years, I saw many doctors and specialists to treat my back pain. I was only in my twenties, and was experiencing my legs going numb, limping, random bouts of falling down, causing my wife to have to help me get up and to dress me, missing work, and only sleeping out of pure exhaustion! I wasn’t able to care for my home or pay the bills which made me very sad and angry. When I heard about Dr. Brian and the DRX9000, I felt I had nothing more to lose! After only three treatments, I no longer needed any pain killers. With each visit, I felt better and better. Now I feel like ‘a million bucks’, sleep is awesome, my energy is grand, and I owe Dr. Brian and his staff a debt of gratitude forever!”
Robert – Cheektowaga, NY

Pain Free
“We cannot thank you enough for bringing the DRX9000 (spinal decompression system) to WNY. Your approach to alternative medicine is refreshing. My mother took a very bad fall in May of 2005. She hit a concrete step across her lower spine. At age 81 she was already experiencing hip and leg mobility problems due to the aging processes. She received two cortisone injections in each hip from her family doctor. The doctor suggested physical therapy, but the pain continued to get worse. My mother had read an article in the Buffalo News about this new procedure with the DRX9000 that was available to back pain sufferers. She has a very high tolerance to pain but it was getting worse each passing day. She could no longer do the things she enjoyed in life…cooking, walking, shopping, visiting her family, and taking care of everyday tasks in her home. On our mother’s first treatment on the DRX9000 her level of pain was at 9 and her difficulty in walking was much worse. You cannot believe our joy after just one treatment she was completely pain free. This machine causes you no pain; in fact it is very relaxing. It sounds too good to be true, but we feel we have been given a true miracle. She has now completed therapy on the DRX9000 machine and continues to be pain free. … She is living the very best quality of life pain free, walking and doing all the things she enjoyed before the accident. Dr. Brian is dedicated to helping patients get back to the basic principles of living life to its fullest and restoring a good quality of life for the future at any age. Thank You! You have restored hope to our family and we believe you will do the same for many more.”
Ann and daughter Maureen – Tonawanda, NY

Muscle Spasms and Physical Pain
After being rammed in the back during a 1977 car accident, I began experiencing physical pain. In 1995, the pain down both legs had progressed to the feet. I no longer could perform my duties as a consultant resource teacher. I was unable to stand for any length of time. Muscle spasms were constant. Visitation to innumerable doctors began. Injections into my spine occurred. Relief from pain would last for a length of time. However, in 1999, excruciating continual pain was felt. A pain management doctor was consulted after obtaining an MRI. Injections into the spinal column relieved the pain for two to three months. The effects of the injections began to dwindle lasting only one to two weeks. I was informed that no other alternatives were available besides surgery. Nothing else could be done. The pain progressively worsened. The use of narcotics escalated. Drugs were needed to function during the day and combined with a sleeping aid at night. It became a vicious drug cycle. Being introduced to the DRX9000 procedure has presented me with a new lease on life. I thank God for my being considered a candidate for this procedure. Positive results occurred the first day I began. I am pain free and have not taken pain medications since beginning the DRX9000 non-surgical decompression procedure. I have my life back! Do you want yours? Treatments are painless. Try it!
Logorra, Buffalo, NY